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The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The MCCS is an independent community of cannabis clinicians – the first prescribers of this treatment in the UK.

The Society is an expert-led, not-for-profit community, dedicated to bringing this safe, legal and effective medicine to people living with chronic conditions.

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About the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society believes that everyone who could benefit from medical cannabis should have access to it through the NHS.

We provide the medical and scientific community high-quality education, training and expert support from the leading prescribers in the UK.


Latest News


The Primary Care Cannabis Network becomes part of  the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society 

March 17, 2023

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is pleased to announce that the Primary Care Cannabis Network (PCCN) has become a part of our Society. This is an important step forward in…

UK CBMP Product Formulary Update

February 20, 2023

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society maintains a list of available cannabis-based medical products regularly updated and shared with its members. As a member of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, clinicians…

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Patient stories

Patient stories

Hear from patients benefiting from medical cannabis treatments in the UK.

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About us

Expert-led, independent support for pioneering medical cannabis clinicians.



We formed the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society to support doctors to become informed, confident prescribers.