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Dr. Dedi Meiri

Dr. Dedi Meiri Israel

Dr. Dedi Meiri heads the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research in the Technion Faculty of Biology. Dr. Meiri’s lab, the largest of its kind in academia with 44 researchers, investigates the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids, the naturally-occurring chemicals found in the cannabis plant. Researchers work on a variety of projects in the lab with its main focus on how cannabinoids affect various types of cancer, epilepsy, and diabetes. Dr. Meiri aims to understand the cannabis plant thoroughly enough so that a doctor can prescribe the right treatment at the right dosage for a particular patient. To that end, he collaborates with cannabis growers, clinicians, major manufacturers, and distributors of medical cannabis to identify almost every strain of marijuana grown in Israel, matching them to the diseases they affect. He has launched the Database Project, which exhaustively profiles compounds given to Israel’s 60,000 medical marijuana patients. Dr. Meiri also helps Israel’s Ministry of Health advance its understanding of cannabis usage.

Adam Kavalier

Adam Kavalier Portugal

Adam is a seasoned executive with experience in academic research, business and Cannabis operations. Over the past seven years Adam served as the Chief Scientific Officer at Holistic Industries, a large multi-state vertically integrated US Cannabis operator. During his tenure, he built the extraction and manufacturing programs which he scaled from one facility into nine. Adam also built the science program where he developed extraction and isolation techniques to create and launch six product lines, including patented formulations currently in clinical trials. Prior to his work in the cannabis industry, Adam spent ten years in academic research, focusing on plant biology and cancer pharmacology. He earned a Ph.D. in plant chemistry and continued his research in cancer pharmacology at Cornell Medical College, which resulted in more than 10 peer-reviewed publications and a patent. Adam's entrepreneurial spirit also led him to build an internationally-distributed food science business, which was successfully acquired after a four-year startup. Adam is now focused on applying his background in scientific research, product development and operations to support emerging startups to become industry leaders.

Dr Rob Greig

Dr Rob Greig Jersey

Dr Rob Greig FRCEM is an Emergency Medicine Consultant based in Jersey, Channel Islands. He became a CBMP prescriber in 2021 having previously been a sceptic of this field! He works at Medicann®️ Jersey, 5 sessions a week. Rob is published in topics related to emergency medicine, lectured in pharmacology and spoken at conferences. Recently he has started delivering webinars on medicinal cannabis treatment. Having a generalist background, as befits his training & specialty, he treats a variety of pathology groups, working closely within a structured MDT supported environment.

Dr Tina Horsted

Dr Tina Horsted Denmark

Tina Horsted has over 30 years of experience in patient care. Ten years as a general nurse and nurse anesthetist, and twenty years as a physician specializing in anesthesiology, intensive care medicine and pain management. Tina Horsted is trained and certified by SSAI (Scandinavian Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine) in pain management. Tina has worked in hospitals in Denmark and as a senior physician in both Sweden and Norway. She has taught nurses, physicians, heads of medical departments and lectured at various medical courses and congresses in Denmark and abroad. In 2018, Tina Horsted published the book Medical Cannabis – Quality of Life and Pain Relief with Cannabis Medicine from Gyldendal l publishing house, with a foreword by then Danish Minister of Health Ellen Trane Nørby. Tina Horsted has served as supervisor of scientific research and medical education, running quality assurance projects, and continuously publishing scientific articles.

Stefan Broselid PHD

Stefan Broselid PHD Sweden

Stefan Broselid is an accomplished researcher with a Ph.D. in Molecular Pharmacology and extensive experience in preclinical drug development targeting G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCRs). He is currently serving as a Medical Advisor/MSL for Aureum Life, a leading cannabis investment company based in Sweden. In this role, Stefan provides valuable insight and expertise on the medical benefits of cannabis and its potential to treat a wide range of conditions. He also serves as a key liaison between Aureum Life and its subsidiary cannabis pain clinics, where he plays an instrumental role in shaping the companies’ overall medical- and research strategies. Stefan also works with educating physicians and other healthcare professionals about the science and unique polypharmacology pertaining to medical cannabis.

Dr Jaroslaw Uziallo

Dr Jaroslaw Uziallo Czech Republic

Doctor Jarosław Uziałło graduated from the Medical Academy in 1996. From the beginning of his medical practice, he participated in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. While working as an intern, he assisted with operations at the Oncology Center, with which he was involved for many years. The motto of the doctor "Medicine is one" made him deal with all kinds of diseases, both in children and adults and the elderly.

Dr. Sandra Carrillo

Dr. Sandra Carrillo Columbia

Dr. Sandra Carrillo is a renowned global medical cannabinoid specialist based in Colombia, the epicenter of cannabis history and culture. She is an ardent campaigner for physician education on cannabinoid science as well as patient access to medicinal cannabis, propelling the evolution of healthcare worldwide.
Sandra Carrillo MD LinkedIn Profile

Dr Evan Lewis

Dr Evan Lewis Canada

Dr Lewis is a Pediatric Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist with expertise in epilepsy. He is the founder & director of the Neurology Centre of Toronto (NCT). He is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Pediatrics at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto.

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