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Specialist Consultants & Doctors

Prescribing cannabis-based products for medicinal use in the UK is restricted to doctors who are listed on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council as an unlicensed ‘special’ medicinal product. Clinicians must adhere to GMC guidance and are permitted to prescribe only within their area of practice and with MDT support.

All UK doctors should include cannabis training as part of their continued professional development and develop a broad understanding of this legal treatment. It is estimated over 1.8m people are using cannabis to treat medical conditions, and with over 30,000 prescriptions in the private sector it is essential that doctors are fully informed.

Information for Doctors


As part of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, GPs can be at the forefront of the conversation around the practicalities and benefits of shared care, repeat prescription and GP prescribing in the UK, as well as learning more about medical cannabis and CBD to better support your patients.

As more patients in the UK ask their GP about medical cannabis, it is becoming increasingly vital for GPs to be well-informed and able to prescribe.   

Information for GPs


Developing an understanding of medical cannabis is crucial for UK nurses as this treatment option becomes more widespread. Understanding how medical cannabis works, how it can be used safely and effectively, and to be aware of any potential risks allows nurses to provide good care and accurate information to their patients.

A growing number of nurses are also working within medical cannabis clinics and independent practices, further developing this nursing sub-sector.

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Medical Cannabis student elective

Medical Students

Medical students in the UK should include training on medical cannabis as part of their studies so that they can accurately inform their future patients about its use as a treatment option.

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS) is privileged to offer the UK’s first-ever medical cannabis student elective, tailored for UK based medical students and offering a unique blend of clinical exposure, hands-on training, and interdisciplinary learning.

Membership of the Society is free for students.

Medical Elective

Allied Health Professionals

Increasing numbers of AHPs in the UK are developing their knowledge and understanding of cannabis based medical products and the impact the treatment can have on patients. From physiotherapy and occupational therapy to dentistry, being fully informed about this legal treatment option will allow you to better support your patients.

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International Clinicians

With a focus on international peer support and collaboration led by a panel of  global Ambassadors, the Society welcomes members from across the world.

By learning from each other and sharing the experience of medical cannabis development and adoption in other countries, members can exchange best practices and gain a deeper understanding of different approaches.

International Ambassadors

International Societies

Researchers & Scientists

In 2022, more than 4,300 cannabis studies were published worldwide, making it the highest number of cannabis-specific papers ever published in a single year. This increase in research indicates a growing interest in understanding the therapeutic effects of cannabis and cannabinoids. Researchers & Scientists interested in studying this treatment can find support through the Society.

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