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New patient group established to challenge lack of access to medical cannabis

June 9, 2020 | IN INFORMATION | BY Kate Thorpe
New patient group established to challenge lack of access to medical cannabis

PLEA (Patient Led Engagement for Access) has been established to challenge the inequalities in access to cannabis-based medicinal products in the UK.

Despite the 2018 schedule change allowing doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis, patients are still faced with multiple barriers, including misinformation, stigma, and financial constraints, preventing access to potentially life-changing medicine.

PLEA’s mission is to advocate for quality of life with medicinal cannabis, aiming to enable patients to access their medicine free from the harms of stigmatisation, misinformation and financial barriers.

Patients are in need of assistance to navigate complex healthcare systems, clinicians wish to learn from patient experiences, and research is needed to evidence the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabis. PLEA collaborates with patients, clinicians and researchers as one community, sharing knowledge and experiences in order to advance access to medical cannabis.

As with The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, PLEA is a non-profit, volunteer-run community interest company, enabling the team to advocate for patients free from commercial interference.

Working closely with Drug Science as a member of their Medical Cannabis Working Group, PLEA will support patients accessing Project Twenty21, Europe’s largest body of evidence for the safety and efficacy of prescribed medicinal cannabis.

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