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The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is dedicated to supporting clinicians in becoming confident prescribers of this treatment. Our expert Committee Members have reviewed and approved the resources we have signposted below, as quality, educational content. 

We hope to provide clinicians with more understanding surrounding the evidence and benefits to patients, of medical cannabis. The resources have been provided to us by specialist doctors, providers and health bodies to ensure we are providing you with qualified, factual guidance.

What can you expect to find?

  • Information on prescribing and dosing
  • Regular, exclusive training for members
  • An evidence base
  • Access to a medical cannabis prescribing insurance policy
  • What is needed to become a specialist prescriber of medical cannabis
  • And so much more

To make things simple, you can view our resources based on specific conditions, or by working through the resources provided by each organisation or individual.

Guidance for clinicians

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Here you’ll find all the information you need to get started on your medical cannabis journey – from how to start prescribing to how to speak to your patients about cannabis and CBD.

Explore the guides

Knowledge base

Medical cannabis education

Here, you can explore the comprehensive list of resources provided by our associates within the industry. We hope to encourage more clinicians to become prescribers.


Evidence base

MCCS Articles

Available for member’s only, here you can find a comprehensive directory of medical cannabis research studies and evidence for medical cannabis treatment.

Member’s area

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