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The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society is dedicated to supporting clinicians in becoming confident prescribers of this treatment.

We hope to provide clinicians with more understanding surrounding the evidence and benefits to patients, of medical cannabis. The resources have been provided to us by specialist doctors, providers and health bodies to ensure we are providing you with qualified, factual guidance.

Guidance and publications

It is important for medical practitioners to be fully aware of the range of opinions and evidence on this matter in order to reach a balanced prescribing decision in the best interests of their patients.

Our guidance and publications – created by our committee members – include information about who can prescribe medical cannabis, prescribing and prescriptions, conditions, funding and more.

If you’re interested in prescribing medical cannabis or want to understand the regulations and process, start here.

We hope to encourage clinicians to find out more about medical cannabis treatments and provide guidance to make practitioners more comfortable in discussing cannabis with their patients.

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Medical Cannabis Training

Training is intended to give members of the Society an in-depth, fully up-to-date knowledge of the medical cannabis products (CBMPs) available to prescribe in the UK, together with the confidence to know what to prescribe according to a patient’s indication. Training takes place over Zoom and the half-day training sessions are open to all members of the UKMCCS. Not a member? Join today.

The three-hour training session covers:

  • Indications, conditions & symptoms suitable for medical cannabis treatment, including a discussion on NICE guidelines
  • Overview of different medical cannabis product (CBMP) types: oils, flower, vape products
  • Products available in the UK, including an overview of licensed producers and how to access
  • Safe and effective dosing and prescribing


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