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International experts join forces to support NHS paediatric doctors to prescribe 

December 6, 2021 | IN NEWS | BY MCCS
International experts join forces to support NHS paediatric doctors to prescribe 

As part of our work to support the prescribing of medical cannabis for children living with treatment-resistant epilepsy, the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society has developed an expert panel to provide multi-disciplinary guidance to anonymised individual cases presented by prescribing UK physicians.

Led by Professor Mike Barnes, Chair of The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, the Resistant Epilepsy Cannabis Assessment Panel (RECAP) is made up of national cannabis experts, all members of the Society’s expert committee. It is supported by international paediatric neurologists with specialisation in the treatment of epilepsy.

The RECAP Panel’s objectives are to:

  1. Reduce harm by reducing the impact of unguided care. Some patients are using black market products without clinical oversight, and others are directed to surgery before being given the opportunity to consider medical cannabis.
  2. Support doctors with an independent pathway to procure guidance from their peers with global expertise and clinical experience regarding medical cannabis and epilepsy treatments.
  3. Collect real-world evidence through anonymised data regarding medical cannabis treatment to inform future therapeutic benefit and regulatory procedure.

How the Panel works

  1. The Clinician decides a patient may benefit from medical cannabis treatment and begins to explore options
  2. They contact the Society via email to arrange an appointment with RECAP through Zoom.
  3. The Clinician will complete a short form to provide RECAP with the necessary anonymised information about the patient.
  4. RECAP members will review the case independently, then as a team, before meeting with the prescribing Clinician to discuss the case and provide peer support. This meeting will take place within seven working days of the Clinician’s enquiry, wherever possible.

If you are a paediatrician wishing to prescribe medical cannabis for a patient and need support, email [email protected] to arrange.