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Update guidance for 2021 – The Clinician’s Guide to CBD

October 19, 2021 | IN NEWS | BY Kate Thorpe
Update guidance for 2021 – The Clinician’s Guide to CBD

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society’s Guide to CBD has been newly updated for 2021.

The expanded guidance supports doctors and clinicians who wish to understand how CBD works, what a good CBD product looks like, and how better to support patients who are taking CBD.

Version 2 of the guidance, written by the Society’s Dr Leon Barron, Vice-Chair Dr Dani Gordon and Chair, Prof Mike Barnes, has been supported by expert researchers at Bud & Tender.

Download the guide here.

On Thursday 21st October, join The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and Bud & Tender as we explore what clinicians need to know about CBD. A fantastic live overview of the guide, this webinar will provide an overview of CBD for clinicians, including Endocannabinoid tone, modes of action and therapeutic effects, pharmacodynamics, different types of CBD oil available in the UK, controlled cannabinoids, Certificates of Analysis (COA’s) and dosing. We also summarise the current legal status of CBD in the UK.