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At The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, we’re dedicated to providing straightforward guidance, education and support for clinicians wishing to prescribe medical cannabis.

Doctors often come to us with questions about the insurance requirements for prescribing medical cannabis or have questions about their professional indemnity and insurance coverage.  We know that some insurers do not include medical cannabis treatments in their coverage. Doctors have told us that they have been given conflicting information about costs and availably of medical malpractice insurance to cover medical cannabis, with some being quoted over £4,000 per year.

The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society has teamed up with Towergate Insurance to make medical cannabis insurance straightforward for doctors prescribing in the UK. All our members can now access exclusive insurance coverage for their medical cannabis prescribing for a fraction of the cost of other premiums available.

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Medical cannabis insurance

About the Insurance  

Our Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance gives members £1,000,000 coverage and premiums are calculated based on the number of weekly sessions undertaken. There is also an option for additional legal coverage, which can be arranged at the same time.

  • The insurance is available to members of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society
  • It covers medicinal cannabis work only
  • Coverage for additional sessions is available
  • All members must satisfactorily complete the ‘Medical Cannabis Explained: Become a confident prescriber’ training course provided by UKMCCS within three months of becoming a covered party
  • Each member will be issued with their own UKMCCS Master Evidence of Insurance issued by Towergate Insurance
  • This is a claims made policy providing contractual insurance
  • The current Society’s policy, which started on the 1st March 2021, will renew on 01 March 2022. Once you join, your own cover will be annually renewable under the association’s policy on this date.
  • If you join during the Society’s current policy year your premium will be adjusted based on the policy period left until the renewal date. This is adjusted quarterly.

How to arrange a policy

Please contact Richard Cupit, Head of Business Development – Medical at Towergate Insurance Brokers, to arrange a policy or request a quote. You will need to provide the email address you used to register as a Society member, so we can ensure you are eligible.

*Please note the policy cost is in addition to Insurance Premium Tax @ 12% and admin fees.

Contact information:



Understanding insurance for doctors prescribing privately

In England, doctors working for NHS trusts and health and social care bodies are provided with indemnity insurance through the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST). Similar arrangements are in place for Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

As medical cannabis in the UK is currently only available privately, doctors working outside of the NHS – often for the first time – have questions about arranging insurance and indemnity which covers this treatment.

The General Medical Council states that doctors working in private practice in the UK must have “adequate and appropriate insurance or indemnity arrangements in place covering the full scope of your medical practice”. This means that even if doctors are working privately within an NHS or health and social care body premises, they must still be covered.

Prof Michael Barnes, Chair of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, said,

“Apart from two specific medications, Sativex and Epidiolex, medical cannabis – along with many other treatments – is at present classed as an unlicensed medicine. Doctors prescribing unlicensed products take full clinical responsibility for any consequences of the prescription and might not be covered by professional indemnity insurance. This is something that causes many clinicians concerns and prevents more widespread prescribing.

Medical cannabis is a safe treatment with often significant benefits and few side effects. Clinicians can be reassured that if they prescribe within the legal parameters, then they are very safe – although they still need insurance cover.”

Are you already insured for private practice?

Suppose you are already working privately with insurance. In that case, it is essential to check with your insurer that the changes in your scope of practice – i.e. starting to prescribe medical cannabis products – is included in your existing coverage. If not, please contact Towergate Insurance to access the Society’s insurance coverage.

Are you looking for specific medical cannabis coverage?

To arrange a policy, please contact Towergate Insurance. You will need to provide the email address you used to register as a Society member, so we can ensure you are eligible.


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