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A new roadmap for UK doctors to become medical cannabis prescribers

January 23, 2020 | IN NEWS | BY Kate Thorpe
A new roadmap for UK doctors to become medical cannabis prescribers

For the first time in the UK, the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society has today published an independent step-by-step guide to becoming a medical cannabis prescriber.

Available at, the Society’s expert committee brought together information from the Government, the NHS, NICE, Royal Colleges, licensed producers of medical cannabis products and training providers into one place for the first time, giving doctors a clear and rational route to prescribe.

Since medical cannabis was made legal in November 2018, the number of prescriptions for the treatment have remained extremely low as clinicians struggle to understand Government regulations and various guidelines issued by numerous bodies. Only around 50 people have benefitted from medical cannabis prescriptions, mostly in the private sector, since then.

The guide for clinicians is a roadmap to help you navigate the information currently available, developed by doctors who have now begun seeing the benefits of this treatment with their own patients in the UK. In conjunction with the peer support offered by membership of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society, this step-by-step guide – which will be regularly updated – provides doctors with the support and guidance required to begin prescribing.

In February, we will re-issue our own official guidance – Recommendations and Guidance on Medical Cannabis under Prescription, version 2, to support this prescribing information.

All information is correct at the time of writing (Jan 2020) and will be updated regularly. If you would like to suggest changes, additions or amendments to the published information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Share your feedback or request information and we will do our best to incorporate it into future versions.

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